Alina is a POLESTAR Pilates Studio Practitioner and Pilates Method Alliance National Pilates Teacher, specializing in functional anatomy, posture, and alignment.

She has worked at some of the top wellness studios in South Florida such as: Canyon Ranch, Turnberry Isle, Ocean Reef Club, Carillon Wellness Miami. Alina honed her technique while working alongside doctors, nurses, physical therapists and at a sports chiropractic facility; helping injured athletes, seniors, and weekend warriors get back to their game.

She specializes in working with back pain and injuries, athletes, dancers, golfers, pre and post natal, and senior clients looking to improve their overall well being and daily movement patterns.  
Her main goal is to teach others how to incorporate health and wellness into their daily lives.





   "What makes Alina so good?  Most importantly, she teaches rehabilitation Pilates. It is the best style of Pilates for staying strong and limber without getting hurt.  Alina knows her craft. She knew exactly how hard to push me.


     I'm an older man who weighs about 158 lbs.  I have become so flexible from her training, that I hit a golf ball further now than any time in my life.  All because of her ability to strengthen and lengthen my body.  I hit the ball further than most younger golfers now in my later years.  I wish I had found Alina Sedano 10 years sooner.

    I took Pilates with Alina for almost 3 years, until I moved up north. I came to her a stiff, out of shape golfer. My last session with Alina, was over 18 months ago; and I still to this day incorporate her training methods. I have tried other Private Pilates instructors.  But no one can compare to Alina Sedano. 


    Besides being a technically sound instructor, she is easy to learn from.  She’s a super teacher who does her corrections in an easy understandable way.  Alina is a humble person; a wonderful person inside and out.  She is basically they only reason I miss living in Aventura, Florida."



As a beginner, I have absolutely fallen in love with The Core Collection. The online classes feel like I'm doing a virtual private with Alina. She gently reminds you to check your form and alignment, while challenging you to move well.  Thanks to Alina... I'm able to wear my favorite Chanel jacket again, after having my  baby.  The online classes give a busy mom a fun & relaxing moment to recharge.


"Alina is the best Pilates instructor out there! She makes the session fly by and keeps things interesting and challenging.  Most importantly, her way of helping visualize what your body needs to do in order to use the correct muscles really helps get the most out of the workout.  This is by far the most effective Pilates class I’ve ever taken."



"Alina is an amazing Pilates instructor. I have had the privilege of taking her classes for several years. She is also an amazing, wholesome individual who cares a great deal about her students. I highly recommend Alina’s classes. And...if you ever want to thank her, she loves chocolate!!"


I was so blessed to find Alina, when I was injured 7 years ago.  

She was phenomenal at helping me rehabilitate my body and left me in better shape than when I first came to her.  Alina is very strict with form. She shares her knowledge in the most enjoyable way and digestible way.  Making it easy for those of us who don't have a lot of experience with Pilates. 


She radiates Zen and peace while leading you through a demanding session.  She is a master at her craft and I am blessed to have discovered Alina! 


Did my FIRST class today and I am hooked! I absolutely love it. As someone who lacks flexibility and hip mobility this is a God send! I love that you take the time to explain every move and proper body positioning to ensure proper form!!



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