3 Au Naturel Beach Beauty Tips to help you Glow this Summer...

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

When it comes to hitting the beach... I say less is always more. And I'm not talking about your bikini. I'm talking about your make-up, hair, and your beach bag filled with your entire beauty arsenal of skin & beauty supplies. There are easier ways to get your skin and hair glowing this summer.

Beach Beauty Alert! There's no need to lug 20 different creams, tanning oils, bronzers, and hair products to look good on vacation. Pick one trustworthy dermatologist recommended SPF to protect your face. This one is my tried and tested all time favorite.

It's easy to free yourself from carrying unnecessary weight in your beach bag and try these 3 Natural Beach Beauty Tips that are organic, made by mother nature, and will make you feel like a mermaid at the beach!

You'll first need a Travel Size Bottle Set to take with you to the beach.

"Beach Hair, Don't Care"

This happens to be one of my favorite beach hair styles and it's really simple to accomplish. First, add Coconut Oil into one of the small travel size pots at home. Pack it in your beach bag along with an empty spray bottle and hit the beach.

Rub a small amount of coconut oil into your hands and work the oil into your hair. Just make sure you stay away from your scalp and the top of your head. Careful... you don't want your hair to look greasy. The coconut oil works as a natural conditioner to protect your hair from the sun and salt water. Then grab your spray bottle fill it with ocean water and lightly spray your hair. Make sure you to stay away from the top of your head, to avoid frizz. Now this is the fun part... Be creative and braid your hair. Loose french braids or multiple braids work best to get those soft beach waves. Let your hair dry naturally and Voila' your all set!

Not near the ocean? You can still get that sexy, salty, windblown, after-beach look even if you are miles away from the beach. Spray in the product, use a blow dryer and dry hair half way through, braid your hair -a soft French braid works best, allow hair to dry naturally and set, remove braids and Voila!

"Au Naturel Body Scrub"

Treat yourself to Mother Nature's "Beach Sand & Sea Salt Scrub". No, it doesn't come with a message in a cute bottle. (pun intended!) But it does come with a an incredible source of minerals that are ideal for promoting regeneration of the dermis. Sand from the beach is nature's natural exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin looking radiant. The sea water has a healing effect on eczema, allergic reactions, injuries, dryness, etc.

My grandparents always encouraged me to go in the ocean, whenever my allergies flared up, had a cut or scrape. Sea water in my book is better than any topical cream out there! (Primarily because I'm allergic to Neosporin, causing hives, blisters, and rashes on my skin. My allergist confirmed I'm allergic to Bacitracin one of the ingredients found in topical creams.)

You can either scrub a dub on the beach or in the water. I personally prefer exfoliating in the ocean near the shore. I find wet sand is not as abrasive and feels good on my skin. Remember to go lightly and careful that you don't pick up any sea shells. Ouchy! Not only will this body scrub leave you with radiant glowing skin, it increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps combat cellulite. I highly recommended applying an organic skin nourishing sunscreen afterwards, if you are going to stay on the beach. Protection from the harmful rays is always key!

Need an alternative for a spa day at home? Try this Coconut Lime Infused Body Scrub made with ocean salt, organic sugars, and infused with therapeutic grade Florida Key Lime real essential oil to give your skin that added glow.

"Stay Succulent"

Soothe, smooth, and hydrate your skin with this amazing succulent. Drum roll please.... Aloe Vera! Yes, aloe vera is a succulent and it is loaded with over 200+ nutrients to help nourish your skin. It's antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin, fight inflammation, and speeds up cell reproduction. Now with all of those benefits... I highly recommend you do yourself a favor ditch the fluorescent green bottled version and run to the nearest garden center and bring home an aloe vera plant. And if you are on vacation, take a leaf from the bottom and back of the plant. Most people don't mind if you take a leaf , just don't snap it from the top.

Cut one of the outer bottom leaves of the plant and store the leaves in your fridge. You can store the leaves in the fridge for about 20 -25 days. There are several ways to slice the leaf depending on how much you are going to use. I suggest you do some research and see which method works best for you. I prefer to cut the aloe leaf in chunks and use it as needed. I use it to soothe my skin after a day out of the beach. It works wonders if you do a beach body scrub beforehand, take a shower, apply the aloe, and afterwards use an organic moisturizer or coconut oil to lock all those amazing nutrients in. Your skin and body will thank you with an amazing glow!

Love keeping a bottle of aloe in your fridge? Check out this Aloe leaf shaped bottle it's made from 99% Aloe Vera and leaves your skin feely silky and not sticky.

And last but not least my all time favorite tip for Glowing UP!

"Let the Glow in your Heart reflect in your Soul"

Xoxo, Alina

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