5 Perfect Pilates Moves for Travel

Going on vacation? Traveling this summer? Want to stay consistent with your fitness goals? Will you be off somewhere in the remote jungle or a secluded beach with no WiFi?

Don't worry, I've got you covered with these 5 quick and effective Pilates moves designed to work your entire body in under 10 minutes. The following exercises are designed to:

  • Tone your midsection

  • Strengthen your core and low back

  • Sculpt your obliques

  • Challenge your upper body strength

  • Tone your glutes

Did I mention? You can do these anywhere, on the beach or even in your hotel room. So pack your bags and take these moves with you on your next vacation to help you keep your fitness goals in check. All you need is 10 minutes a day and a little motivation from your morning coffee. Feel free to add another round if needed.

Here's your Pilates Workout Routine:

The Hundred

Lie on your back with your legs in table top position. Lift your head and shoulders off the ground with straight arms extended by your side. Keep your low back gently pressing into the ground and arms hovering off the floor. Pump your arms up and down vigorously, as you take a long deep breath in for 5 counts and exhale all the air out for 5 counts. Repeat 10 times

Criss Cross aka Bicycles

Lie on your back with your legs in table top position. Create a hammock for your head by: Interlacing your fingers and bring your hands behind your head. Allow the weight of your head to rest into your hands. Lift your head and shoulders up off the ground and keep your elbows out to your sides. Focus on keeping the spine lengthened and hips steady, as you lift and rotate your torso from side to side. Aim to keep your lower body steady and rotate from your ribs. You can either keep your legs in table top or challenge yourself and extend 1 leg at a time. Repeat 20 times (10 on each side)

Quadruped/ Bird Dog

Get down on your hands and knees. Stack your hands underneath your shoulders and knees underneath the hips. Make sure your hands are shoulder width apart and knees hip distance apart and lengthen your spine. Lift one arm and the opposite leg away from each other. Aim to lift the arm up in alignment with your ear. Lift your leg up so your ankle is at the height of your hip. Lengthen your torso, while taking deep breaths. Hold for 10 secs. Alternate each side 10 times

Side Plank on Forearm

Hold a side plank on each side for 10 secs. Make sure your elbow is directly underneath your shoulder and press up and away from the ground into a side plank. Aim for a long neutral spine by lengthening your torso. Repeat 6 times each side

Plank to Downward Dog

Hold a Plank for 10 secs, then flow to a Downward Dog hold for 10 secs. Check your alignment! Hands shoulder width apart and feet hip distance apart. Again focus on lengthening your spine and exhaling to feel your deep core muscles engage with every exhale. Inhale back into a Downward Dog. Repeat 8 times

* Added Bonus for Glutes: Hold your plank & do a plank jack. The feet move in & out like a jumping jack while holding your upper body still in a plank position.

Xoxo, Alina

Need a full body class under 15 mins? Or maybe a little bit more guidance? Learn the basics and flow with me with this quick and effective class designed to give you a total body workout. Try "Plank It Out" a killer quickie on The Core Collection™ studio site.

My optimal goal as a Pilates Instructor and Functional Anatomy instructor is to help you move well, play often, and sleep better. ;)

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