7 Tell-Tale Signs You May Have a Weak Core

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

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7 Tell-Tale signs you may have a Weak Core

Did you know? A strong and supple core is important for your health and posture. One that is able to bend, rotate, move easily, gracefully and effortlessly in everything you do... whether it’s your favorite sports, dance, or playing with your kids. 😎🌴

How do you know if your core is strong or weak ? If it’s protecting your back, spine, and posture? Well, here are the 7 telltale signs that it may be weak...

  1. Your back hurts

  2. Your hips feel achy

  3. You have poor balance

  4. You have incontinence

  5. You hold your breath during exercise or lifting a heavy box

  6. You can't play or move they way you used to

  7. Are you slouching?

You may be asking "How can this be... I do crunches everyday??!!!"

Well, while crunches and planks are great. The secret to a strong core is not only working the upper abdominals and striving for that desirable sexy 6 pack. It’s developing the trunk muscles that make up the core. The core is the group of interlinked muscles that make up the trunk of your body and keep your spine healthy, happy, and in optimal alignment. These deeper muscles include your transverse abdomens, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor and internal obliques.

Are you ready for a shocker? And ready to meet the other noteworthy members of your core? Drumroll please.... they are your glutes, hips, and low back. Yes, the core extends way beyond those 6 pack abs and the glutes do a lot of the heavy lifting for the core. When you think of your glutes as your core foundation... you'll discover they help balance and stabilize the body during almost every activity that you do. Therefore, allowing you to move freely with ease and grace in all your favorite activities.

Learn how to move well and activate your core correctly on "Ignite your Powerhouse" on The Core Collection™. My optimal goal as a Pilates Instructor and Functional Anatomy instructor is to help you move well, play often, and sleep better. ;)

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