• The Core Collection™ by Privé Pilates™

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    Experience a unique style of Pilates + Movement classes designed to create more space for the things you love to do. Escape to a place that inspires your physical and mental space through mindful movement, while creating enduring and positive change - that will serve you and your body for a lifet...

  • Beach Body Ready

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    Tone, lengthen, and tighten up your assets with this low-impact collection designed to get you ready for your next getaway.

  • Back Care TLC

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    This collection is designed to give your back the TLC it deserves and improve your posture. Utilizing mindful movement methods paired with breathwork that will increase your awareness of your daily movement patterns. Get ready to breathe, let go, and release...

  • Exhale & Restore

    3 videos  |   Buy $11.99

    Naturally, release tension throughout your body with deep exhalations and surrender your body to gravity. Utilizing the towel to open up the lungs, improve posture, and soothe the nervous system. This collection of classes is designed to open up your body and clear your mind...

  • Foam Roll Collection

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    This collection utilizes the foam roller to release tension, restore balance, boost your mood, and improve your posture. Are you ready to uncover the secret powers of the foam roller?